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Lahn Valley | Long distance bike path

Lahn Valley cycle route

The family-friendly Lahn Valley cycle route is a classic riverside bike ride. It's an ADFC-certified route and has been awarded 4 out of 5 stars. It runs almost solely along the river, from the source to its mouth in the Rhine near Lahnstein. Fairytale castles and defiant forts create a distinct atmosphere. read more

Lahn Valley | Long distance bike path

R2/River tour

Cycle through Hessen: a contemplative journey through the river valleys of the Lahn, Ohm, Anteff, Schwalm, Lauter, Lüder, Fulda and Sinn. Don't forget Alsfeld with its timber-framed backdrop and Fulda cathedral. It's also well worth taking a detour to Marburg with its remarkable old town and landgrave castle. read more

Lahn | Long distance bike path

R7/From the Lahn to the Werra

The route begins with a leisurely trail along the banks of the Lahn. The climb to Ulrichstein (614 m above sea level) is more demanding - but it's worth the effort! The highest town in Hessen offers magnificent views of the Vogelsberg. read more