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If you want to fully explore the new Lahnwanderweg trail, you'll need plenty of time. The trail begins at the source of the Lahn in the Siegerland and takes you all the way to the point the river meets the Rhine - a daunting 290 kilometres away. The length of the route is not the only impressive thing, however... The enormous diversity that awaits on the Lahnwanderweg trail is even more impressive. After just a few kilometres, between Bad Laasphe and Biedenkopf, the trail and the river leave North Rhine-Westphalia. From here, the longest section of the River Lahn - and the longest part of the Lahnwanderweg -runs through Hessen. Like pearls on a chain, the sights and attractions line up one after the other to create a magnificent walking experience. From vibrant towns full of historical timber-framed buildings, to historical ruins, delightful scenery and the ever-present Lahn river, the Lahnwanderweg trail brings everything together in a truly unique way. How quickly 290 km can pass!