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If you go walking in North Hessen, the home of the Grimms, you simply have to walk along the Grimmsteig. Measuring around 77 kilometres, it is one of the shorter long-distance hiking trails but it does not lack in any other respect. The ascent and descent are not overly excessive, making it ideal for those new to hiking. It is home to numerous stories, fairytales and legends, which are said to have taken place in the Kaufungen Forest. The Brothers Grimm once wandered through these dense woods and listened to the stories told in the villages. The mysticism of these centuries-old stories can still be felt in the landscape to this day. Connections to the famous fairytale collectors include legendary paths and the Hohen Meißner mountain. This is said to be the home of Mother Hulda, and her lake is said to be the entrance to the underworld. A fairytale adventure in every sense!