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Nature, Countryside, Hessen

Welcome to the natural world of Hessen

If you think of Hessen as an urban jungle, you’re forgetting its other half that is just as worth seeing: its nature. Hessen’s nature includes some of the last ancient beech forests in Germany, flowering orchards, curious volcanic landscapes, idyllic rolling hills, romantic river landscapes, water and lots of forests.

Between beeches and brooks…

Strolling through Hessen’s only national park is a wonderful feast for all the senses.

 “See, hear, smell, feel, taste: the five most important virtues of forest walkers”

TO the »Natural Landscapes«

Regions shaped by people

A region is nothing without its people: Their way of life gives a place its identity. The experiences to be enjoyed in the holiday region of Hessen are as varied as the nature itself. Each region in Hessen is proud of its local produce and traditions. You can experience Hessen in a variety of ways – with a hike, a bike ride or a leisurely stroll. You’ll find some amazing places to stop for a bite to eat along the cycle routes and hiking trails – from a light snack to an exquisite dinner made using regional produce.


The land and its people

Here we present people who are shaping the identity of the region with their work, hobbies and commitment to the community. They’ll make your visit a real natural experience.

Regional pleasure

“Ahle Wurscht”, green sauce and Red Riesling. When it comes to food and drink, Hessen has plenty to offer. Take a well-earned break and enjoy Hessen’s hospitality.


Experience nature up close

What do all the different regions have in common? They all offer wonderful hiking trails, varied cycle routes and attractive sights.