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The Bergstraße mountain road lies between Darmstadt and Heidelberg. You can discover this unique landscape’s Mediterranean charm by bike across over 85 km of cycle routes. You’ll pass several towns and villages on your way, and they all offer a variety of cultural and historical sights. You can tackle the cycle routes labelled with the Bergstraße logo on your own, but a luggage service is also available upon request.

The Bergstraße mountain road cycle route

Summer in the Bergstraße begins a little earlier than in the rest of the region. The mild climate even allows almonds and peaches to grow here. However, the region is most famous for its wine, which you can sample along the 83-kilometre route between Heidelberg and Darmstadt. read more

WALDECKER province | Long distance bike path

R6/From Waldecker Land to the Rhine Valley

The north-south route from the Diemel to the Rhine shows all sides of Hessen: the densely forested north; the fairytale Kellerwald with its centuries-old beech trees; and bathing pleasure in Lake Edersee. It is well worth visiting Kellerwald National Park, located just off the route in Vöhl-Herzhausen. read more

RHEINHESSEN | Long distance bike path

R9/From the Rhine to the Main

From the Rhine Valley to the Main: a pleasant bike ride from the Nibelung city of Worms. Once you've cycled past the sunny wine-growing town of Heppenheim - home to the Red Riesling - the route will get more difficult as you head to the Odenwald with its steep climbs and idyllic scattered fruit orchards, which provide a rich variety of apples. read more