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North Hessen

Go on a cycling tour across over 500 km of excellent cycle paths. The routes along the river courses of the Fulda, Werra, Diemel and Eder are a great experience for individual cyclists, groups and families. Mountain bikers are most welcome to enjoy the mountains and the Mountainbike Park in the Willinger Upland.

THÜRINGER forest | Long distance bike path

Werra Valley cycle route

The Werra Valley cycle route takes you from the source of the Werra in Thuringia, across the Rhön with its many summits and through North Hessen, the home of the Brothers Grimm, to Hannoversch Münden. The route is home to one of the most picturesque sections of the German Fachwerkstraße, or the Timber-framed Road, in Eschwege and Witzenhausen. read more

North Hesse | Biking

Diemel cycle route - full of verdant beauty

This lovely tour through North Hessen, the home of the Brothers Grimm, begins at the source of the Diemel. It's worth checking out the various attractions on offer in the town of Willingen in the uplands. The route then takes you past stunning timber-framed villages, the climatic health resort of Trendelburg and the almost 1000-year-old Hanseatic city of Warburg. read more

SCHWALM-EDER district | Biking

Red Riding Hood Country rail cycle route

When you travel along the family-friendly Red Riding Hood Country rail cycle route, you'll feel like you're in a fairytale. It connects the towns of Schwalmstadt-Treysa with Bad Hersfeld. The train stations represent the start and end of the route. read more

RHÖN | Biking

R1/Fulda cycle route

An idyllic river tour along the Fulda from its source in the Rhön to where it meets the Werra, and along the Weser to Bad Karlshafen. Along the way you can see shaggy Rhön sheep, the cathedral city of Fulda, meadows and lots of forests. read more

KASSEL province | Long distance bike path

R4/From Dornröschen to the Nibelungen

Cycle your way through fairytales and legends on Hessen's longest cycle route, from the home of the Brothers Grimm in North Hessen to the deep south of the Bergstrasse mountain road. You'll encounter lots of fairytales and legends on your travels, such as the Sleeping Beauty Sababurg Castle in the Reinhardswald, Little Red Riding Hood in the Schwalm and the Nibelungen in the Odenwald. read more

SAUERLAND | Long distance bike path

R5/North Hessen route Eder-Fulda-Werra

From the Ski World Cup host city of Willingen to Lake Edersee and Eschwege - this is a richly forested tour from river to river that cuts through North Hessen, the home of the Brothers Grimm. You'll need to tackle moderate hills to experience the natural beauty of this region. read more

WALDECKER province | Long distance bike path

R6/From Waldecker Land to the Rhine Valley

The north-south route from the Diemel to the Rhine shows all sides of Hessen: the densely forested north; the fairytale Kellerwald with its centuries-old beech trees; and bathing pleasure in Lake Edersee. It is well worth visiting Kellerwald National Park, located just off the route in Vöhl-Herzhausen. read more

Lahn | Long distance bike path

R7/From the Lahn to the Werra

The route begins with a leisurely trail along the banks of the Lahn. The climb to Ulrichstein (614 m above sea level) is more demanding - but it's worth the effort! The highest town in Hessen offers magnificent views of the Vogelsberg. read more

WALDECKER province | Long distance bike path


Hessen's west: a varied tour from Frankenberg to Heppenheim. You'll have the north of Hessen to yourself as you travel through valleys of fragrant meadows. The ups and downs are moderate, and there are short and challenging climbs in the Westerwald and Taunus. But it'll all have been worth it when you see the views. read more