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The hills and forests of the Taunus mountains offer great cycling fun for everyone. From comfortable bike rides with the whole family to more challenging routes, the Taunus has so much to offer. With a length of 78 kilometres, the Hessen part of the Main-Radweg is especially popular. In the Taunus, it snakes along the River Main through the Hattershaim districts of Okriftel and Eddersheim. The Weiltalweg also stands out thanks to its route through scenic valleys and past impressive views.

Weil Valley cycle route

When people used to travel through the Taunus, the journey was always a real adventure with dark forests, long distances and very few other travellers. In the evening, weary travellers would head into cosy inns with crackling fires, hearty meals and some protection for the night. read more

WALDECKER province | Long distance bike path

R6/From Waldecker Land to the Rhine Valley

The north-south route from the Diemel to the Rhine shows all sides of Hessen: the densely forested north; the fairytale Kellerwald with its centuries-old beech trees; and bathing pleasure in Lake Edersee. It is well worth visiting Kellerwald National Park, located just off the route in Vöhl-Herzhausen. read more