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The Lahn Valley

Named after the famous River Lahn, the Lahn Valley offers a great journey of discovery along the Lahn Valley cycle route. It starts at the source of the river near Bad Laasphe and runs to where it meets the Rhine near Lahnstein. You can turn your journey into a wonderful sightseeing tour through pretty towns and villages like Giessen, Marburg, Wetzlar, Braunfels, Weilburg, Limburg and Runkel. Cyclists who want to explore the tributary valleys of the River Lahn will also find a varied and well-arranged network of cycle paths with various route options.

Lahn Valley | Long distance bike path

Lahn Valley cycle route

The family-friendly Lahn Valley cycle route is a classic riverside bike ride. It's an ADFC-certified route and has been awarded 4 out of 5 stars. It runs almost solely along the river, from the source to its mouth in the Rhine near Lahnstein. Fairytale castles and defiant forts create a distinct atmosphere. read more

Lahn Valley | Long distance bike path

R2/River tour

Cycle through Hessen: a contemplative journey through the river valleys of the Lahn, Ohm, Anteff, Schwalm, Lauter, Lüder, Fulda and Sinn. Don't forget Alsfeld with its timber-framed backdrop and Fulda cathedral. It's also well worth taking a detour to Marburg with its remarkable old town and landgrave castle. read more

WALDECKER province | Long distance bike path

R6/From Waldecker Land to the Rhine Valley

The north-south route from the Diemel to the Rhine shows all sides of Hessen: the densely forested north; the fairytale Kellerwald with its centuries-old beech trees; and bathing pleasure in Lake Edersee. It is well worth visiting Kellerwald National Park, located just off the route in Vöhl-Herzhausen. read more

Lahn | Long distance bike path

R7/From the Lahn to the Werra

The route begins with a leisurely trail along the banks of the Lahn. The climb to Ulrichstein (614 m above sea level) is more demanding - but it's worth the effort! The highest town in Hessen offers magnificent views of the Vogelsberg. read more