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Roll along a former railway, enjoy historical paths and encounter the Via Regia, the Limes cycle route and the Celts at the Glauberg. The Vogelsberg region has the perfect routes for all cyclists – from those looking to enjoy a leisurely ride to those with more challenging rides in mind. The large, six-day Vogelsberg circular route introduces you to Upper Hessen timber-framed towns and culture, country life and gentle natural landscapes. A network of regional cycle routes incorporates the Hohen Vogelsberg mountain and the surrounding area.


Volcano cycle route

The 93-kilometre Volcano cycle route takes you along the former railway of the Oberwaldbahn. With its fine asphalt, it offers the perfect conditions for leisure cyclists, inline skaters and skateboarders. From its highest point in Hartmannshain (where it meets the Südbahn cycle route), you can head downhill in the direction of Schlitz or Altenstadt. read more

Lahn Valley | Long distance bike path

R2/River tour

Cycle through Hessen: a contemplative journey through the river valleys of the Lahn, Ohm, Anteff, Schwalm, Lauter, Lüder, Fulda and Sinn. Don't forget Alsfeld with its timber-framed backdrop and Fulda cathedral. It's also well worth taking a detour to Marburg with its remarkable old town and landgrave castle. read more

KASSEL province | Long distance bike path

R4/From Dornröschen to the Nibelungen

Cycle your way through fairytales and legends on Hessen's longest cycle route, from the home of the Brothers Grimm in North Hessen to the deep south of the Bergstrasse mountain road. You'll encounter lots of fairytales and legends on your travels, such as the Sleeping Beauty Sababurg Castle in the Reinhardswald, Little Red Riding Hood in the Schwalm and the Nibelungen in the Odenwald. read more

Lahn | Long distance bike path

R7/From the Lahn to the Werra

The route begins with a leisurely trail along the banks of the Lahn. The climb to Ulrichstein (614 m above sea level) is more demanding - but it's worth the effort! The highest town in Hessen offers magnificent views of the Vogelsberg. read more