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The Odenwald is a romantic forested mountain range between the Rhine, Main and Neckar rivers. The landscape is shaped by light, mixed forest-covered mountain tops and has been a certified “UNESCO Geopark” since 2004. It’s the perfect place to go for a walk with the fresh, clean air, romantic valleys, rivers, streams and lakes.

ODENWALD | Long distance hiking path


No-one knows whether the Alamanni had time to admire the beautiful countryside around them as they fought against the Roman occupiers. In any case, their campaigns took them through the Odenwald, and many of these confident people loved this mountainous region so much that they ended up settling here. read more

BERGSTRASSE | Long distance hiking path


If you want a real "climb" ("Steig" in German), the Nibelungensteig is for you! This hiking trail focuses on the literal highlights of the Bergstraße mountain road and the Odenwald. And there are no detours around the mountains here; the 125-km trail has over 4,000 metres of elevation, making it perfect for ambitious hikers. read more