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You can still feel the four elements in the Westerwald. Fresh air blows away the cobwebs, the water reflects the sky in the crystal-clear streams and lakes, and the nutrient-rich earth brings good harvests. But walkers are mainly attracted by the combination of light forests, lush meadows and vibrant towns and villages. Forget about your everyday life with a walk in the Westerwald. Here you can find a selection of the hiking trails available in the Westerwald.

WESTERWALD | Long distance hiking path


The Westerwald-Steig takes you along 235 km from Herborn to Bad Hönningen in Rhineland-Palatinate. The Hessian town of Herborn stands out for its historical old town with buildings from eight different centuries. Make sure you take some time to explore this town. The first two of the 16 stages take you up to the foot of the Fuchskaute. read more