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Seligenstadt am Main

Narrow streets, picturesque corners, …

colourful timber-framed houses and impressive sights from different eras all stand testament to the town’s history, which spans over 1,900 years. During the Middle Ages, Seligenstadt flourished with its crafts and trades. This led to the development of a lovely, historical old town, featuringnumerous, carefully restored timber-framed houses that lend it a truly special character.

Take the time to trace the thrilling history and discover the charm and atmosphere in “Saligunstat”, the healing and comforting town by the River Main. You’ll see how you can “experience history at close quarters” here.

Seligenstadt is a remarkable historical place and a vibrant town. The many timber-framed buildings and the basilica with its convent garden are just as enticing as the many shops and restaurants. Cyclists are most welcome. The town is home to several Bett+Bike hotels, and you can find a free eBike charging station on the Marktplatz in the centre of the historical old town. If you want to travel around the town using a different form of transport, you can even hire a segway.



Aschaffenburger Str.1
63500 Seligenstadt
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