Spas and health resorts in Hessen

Hessen is the place for me… naturally!

Warm springs and steaming baths have always been the place to go to look after your health. Over time, accredited health centres have been created with climatic health resorts and spa towns. There are a total of 30 climatic health resorts and spa towns in Hessen, scattered among North Hessen, the Odenwald, the Rhön, the Taunus and the Rheingau. They are surrounded by deciduous and mixed forests, expansive mountain ranges and high plains.

Earth, water, air: These elements are the lifeblood of spas and health resorts. With their “natural remedies” like mud, mineral springs, saltwater and the fresh healing climate, they provide the perfect conditions for your health and are well worth discovering.

Hot springs and baths

Our spa towns and climatic health resorts have known about water’s healing power for centuries. The Romans took advantage of the 26 hot springs in Wiesbaden, which burst through the earth at temperatures of up to 66 degrees Celsius. Warm springs and steaming baths have always been the place to go to look after your health.

Bad Nauheim has welcomed many famous guests over the years, including Mark Twain, Empress Sisi, Karl May and Richard Strauss. The Sprudelhof is the most picturesque and imposing building in the town. It is one of the largest ensembles of art nouveau buildings in Europe.

The water also plays a key role in the various Kneipp spas and resorts, for example in Gladenbach, Bad Camberg, Gras-Ellenbach and in the mineral spring spa facilities in Bad Zwesten and Bad Vilbel.


Take a deep breath

Feel the fresh air rise up through your nose and notice a gentle tingling on your skin: The air can be so revitalising. The lightest element used in natural remedies is air. The fact that it can be enjoyed in its purest, healthiest form is no longer a given. As such, it is now even more important to take the time to get some proper “fresh air”. The best place to get this “natural remedy” is at one of Hessen’s three climatic health resorts: Lindenfels, Gersfeld and Willingen. Alternatively, you can pay a visit to Germany’s largest climatic health park in the shadow of the Großer Feldberg in Königstein im Taunus.

Spa towns can only claim the state-accredited title of “climatic health resort” if the air has been scientifically proven to be clean and is regularly tested. This makes hiking, walking, cycling or even enjoying a picnic in the great outdoors a real health experience at the health resorts and spa towns. The sun, wind and weather provide the perfect climate to revive your body, mind and soul.


Back to our roots

Bathing in the earth revitalises and regenerates; it stimulates a pleasant blood flow to the muscles, joints and organs and prompts the body to heal itself. Grasses, flowers, herbs and mosses have combined over centuries to create moorland. This natural pharmacy has truly special healing powers. Thick, pulpy mud baths in spas are helpful and successful courses of treatment for many aches and pains. Discover fango packs, mud baths and clay wraps in Bad Salzschlirf or Bad Schwalbach and find out all about the relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects for yourself.

If you want to harmonise your body and soul, the climatic health resorts and spa towns are the place to be. Combining experiences with relaxation and fun is the best way to enjoy life.


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