Aquasalis Therme

The Aquasalis Therme…

is a spa with wonderful facilities and great prices. If you want to feel great and look good, make the most of the various offers. The four saltwater pools have a water temperature of between 28° and 34°C to revitalise your soul and improve your health. The Klangdom is a unique saltwater pool. With a water temperature of 34°C, it’s the warmest of the four pools and allows you to immerse yourself in a deep experience of well-being with its relaxing, underwater music.

If you want to relax and strengthen your body, aquafit is just the ticket. You can gently get into shape with professional coaches. The spa also features a sauna, and there are lots of health and beauty options available. Your health, fitness and well-being are the focus in the Aquasalis Therme, where you can enjoy saltwater grottos, steam rooms, pedicures and massages.


Aquasalis Therme Bad Salzschlirf
Am Solebad 2
36364 Bad Salzschlirf
Tel.: +49 (0) 6648 / 914888
Fax: +49 (0) 6648 / 2368