Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park

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Natural and cultural landscapes – experience, understand and enjoy

The Naturpark Kellerwald-Edersee is situated in North Hessen, a richly forested landscape that is home to the Brothers Grimm. It’s a belt of green that envelops the World Heritage Site. The natural landscape is shaped by expansive beech forests, idyllic villages and varied corridors of fields, forests and meadows. Lake Edersee is nestled in the heart of this countryside, surrounded by steep, warm slopes with ancient trees.

Lake Edersee shimmers through the peaks and invites you to enjoy a refreshing dip in its excellent water. The 70-kilometre Urwaldsteig trail is well signposted and can be explored across several days. You can access parts of the route from walkers’ car parks. The Edersee passenger ferry lets you add an extra bit of enjoyment to your walk. The 156-kilometre circular Kellerwaldsteig trail is another attraction for hikers. It connects the national park with the nature reserve and the mountains around Lake Edersee with the “Hohen Keller” mountain to the south. Meanwhile, the bright variety of regional producers, snack bars and restaurants ensures that walkers always find something to satisfy their appetites. Here you can relive your experiences and refuel for the road ahead. There are plenty of options for a good night’s sleep too: From campsites and youth hostels to “hay hotels” (where guests sleep on a bed of hay) and luxury hotels – there is something for everyone here. The traditional spa towns of Bad Wildungen and Bad Zwesten offer plenty of health and beauty activities. You can also explore the nature reserve with a guide. The nature reserve guides are specially trained to let you experience, understand and enjoy the natural and cultural landscape. They have plenty of old tales and interesting facts to share.


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