Lake Diemel Nature Park

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Discover something new in the heart of Germany

The Naturpark Diemelsee offers diverse, stunning nature and a range of leisure activities. Have fun with your family while getting active and discovering the countryside on certified hiking trails, by canoe or by bike.

The Naturpark Diemelsee is around 33,500 hectares in size. Two thirds of the nature reserve is situated in the north-western corner of Hessen, while the remaining third lies in the neighbouring North Rhine-Westphalia. The tallest mountains in the Sauerland, broad valleys and dense forests alternate with meadows and fields and shape the image of the Naturpark Diemelsee. Lake Diemelsee lies in the heart of the nature reserve; it’s a true water, walking and leisure paradise. You can go sailing, swim, surf or enjoy a quiet afternoon of fishing. You’ll find a huge network of excellent, well-signposted hiking trails. You can enjoy a truly natural experience on well-maintained yet natural paths: Inhale the fresh forest air, hear birds singing, walk across expansive meadows and blossoming moorlands, find refreshment at crystal-clear springs and streams, and discover all sorts of new things along the way. Fabulous views across the magnificent countryside will be etched on your memory forever. The hiking trails are maintained so well that you can also visit the nature reserve in winter. And you can even try your hand at winter sports in the high altitudes of the Willinger Uplands and on other peaks, from cross-country skiing to ski slopes and snowshoeing off piste. Educational trails and museums provide interesting information about nature, technology and natural history. Historic sites and buildings tell of earlier times, and there is a lot to discover underground too. Certified rangers and guides are on hand to take visitors on a journey of discovery.


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