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Rhein-Taunus Nature Park

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Expansive forests, meadows and wine in the Rhine, Aar and Wisper valleys

Our nature reserve is situated at the gates of Wiesbaden and is full of forests, meadows and wine. These days, the ancient cultural landscape has been distinguished with two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and its natural and cultural diversity continues to attract visitors looking for discovery and enjoyment.

Our countryside in the western Taunus is both mellow and raw. Discover this nature reserve at the gates of Wiesbaden with its varied nature and culture. A wonderful trip is at your fingertips and waiting just for you! The four charismatic valleys of the Rhine, Wisper, Wörsbach and Aar form a vast frame around the Rheingau Mountains, the centrepiece of our nature reserve. This ancient cultural landscape has been distinguished with two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: “Upper Mid-Rhine Valley” and “Limes”. Hessen’s most forested nature reserve is also home to the “Wispertaunus”, the largest enclosed forest and the largest place to enjoy absolute peace and quiet in Hessen. It’s a true treasure trove of biological diversity and home to rare animals like shy wild cats and nimble Bechstein’s bats. Discover the remains of ancient oaks in the dark forest. The many colourful towns and villages enhance the nature reserve as a living cultural monument. Cycle routes and hiking trails like the famous “Rheinsteig” give you the chance to explore, and the lesser-known greats like the “Wispertalsteig” and “Gebückwanderweg” all await your discovery! From challenging to relaxing – your efforts will be rewarded with great experiences and fabulous views. Our barbecue areas and huts, meadows and experience trails, ski runs and youth campsites all make the Naturpark Rhein-Taunus a fantastic destination. There’s so much to discover here. Forge your own path!


Naturpark Rhein-Taunus

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