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On the slopes, on the ice or through the forest: winter highlights in Hessen

On the slopes, on the ice or through the forest: winter highlights in Hessen As the temperatures fall and frost and snow cover the natural landscape in a white, wintry blanket, Hessen’s regions and cities reveal a whole new side. From cross-country skiing, cycling through deep snow, ice-skating and “Twelfth Night” walking – there are plenty of ways to discover nature during the winter in Hessen, making it the pperfect place for a mini break or winter holiday. Winter sports fans will get their money’s worth with snow-covered elevations of over 400 metres. HA Hessen Agentur GmbH presents some of the winter highlights in Hessen at Read more

Bunkers, tombs and catacombs – dive into Hessen’s underworld

Hessen has a lot more to offer than you might initially think. A hidden world lies beneath your feet and awaits your discovery. You can visit bunkers, tombs, mines, tunnels, catacombs and caves and gain a fascinating insight into Hessen’s history. There are tours for adventurers, history buffs, caving fans and the brave – experiences you won’t forget in a hurry. HA Hessen Agentur GmbH presents some tips for discovering Hessen’s underworld at Read more

Sustainable holiday destinations in Hessen

Every year, Hessen’s regions attract thousands of mini-breakers to its pristine countryside, fairytale forests and picturesque landscapes. Hessen’s regions have come up with some great ways to preserve the local flora and fauna, protect threatened animal and plant species and highlight the importance of natural and environmental conservation. To mark the “Hessen Day of Sustainability” on 22nd September 2017, the HA Hessen Agentur presents some of the sustainable holiday destinations in Hessen at[...] Read more

Deep gorges and sunny hilltops – Hessen’s hiking trails

The leaves are changing and transforming nature into a magnificent sea of colour: Autumn is the most beautiful time of year for hiking in Hessen’s diverse countryside. From the Bergstraße and Odenwald to Lake Edersee, from the Rhön and Vogelsberg to the Lahn Valley […] Read more

Glamping, mystery walks and the Dark Sky Park – Hessen’s special experiences for night owls and nature lovers

Enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep in the great outdoors, wander through Hessen’s idyllic landscapes by moonlight, admire the stars from the most stunning spots, or spot local animals in their natural habitat: Hessen’s regions have remarkable activities for night owls and nature lovers. There’s something for everyone here. […] Read more