The R9 leads through the wine region Bergstrassepreloader-image

R9/From the Rhein to the Main

From the Rhine Valley to the Main: a pleasant bike ride from the Nibelung city of Worms. Once you've cycled past the sunny wine-growing town of Heppenheim - home to the Red Riesling - the route will get more difficult as you head to the Odenwald with its steep climbs and idyllic scattered fruit orchards, which provide a rich variety of apples. It's well worth making a detour to the sea of rocks in the Geo-Naturpark Bergstrasse-Odenwald. The tour then continues to rise and fall until it reaches the Main. It's easily manageable in a day, but if you want to enjoy the cultural diversity along the route, you'd be better off completing it over a weekend. Good train connections make it easy to access.