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When it comes to long-distance hikes, the Rheinsteig is normally one of the first names on the list. If you want to walk the entire route, you will need around three weeks. It is 320 kilometres long, and some parts of the route are fairly challenging with steep climbs. Thanks to the excellent signs and markers, you can focus fully on enjoying the experience. It is almost impossible to get lost. Before the "mountain stages" appear, the Rheinsteig shows its softer, more pleasurable side. The first of countless blue and white Rheinsteig logos awaits in the Hessian state capital at Biebrich Palace. The trail takes you from here along the Rhine to faraway Bonn and is always well sign-posted. But first, the Rheinsteig takes you through a unique and truly breathtaking corner of the world. The Rheingau is the epitome of leisurely hiking. As soon as you leave Wiesbaden, the paths begin to wind gently through the vineyards with their Riesling grapes. It is a truly heavenly experience for the eyes and taste buds, especially in late summer. The entire landscape is peppered with unique, cultural and historical treats, including Eberbach Abbey, Vollrads Castle, St Hildegard Abbey and the Niederwald Monument, to name but a few. After around 80 kilometres, between Lorch and Kaub, you leave Hessen. Individual stages can easily be combined with public transport links via train and/or boat.