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The Bergstraße is worth a trip at any time of year!

Guests from many different countries...

value the early arrival of spring, the long summers and the golden autumns that paint their extravagant colours well into November. Dive into the scent of almond, peach and cherry blossoms, experience the magic of magnolia and forsythia, or hike through the lush green of the hillsides in the nearby Odenwald. Thanks to the mild climate of the Bergstraße, exotic fruits even grow in some sheltered areas. The sun-drenched hillsides produce fine full-bodied wines. The extensive parks are home to summer residences and palaces that invite visitors to discover the region's history.

Exotic trees and plants from all over the world feel just as at home on the Bergstraße as tobacco and asparagus. In Weinheim, the Schlosspark attracts visitors with Germany's largest cedar and its exotic forest, with its enormous sequoias, Japanese wingnut, California incense cedar and other tree species from foreign lands. The Fürstenlager park in Auerbach is home to Germany' tallest sequoia, standing at 53 metres. Located between the university and science city of Darmstadt, characterised by its art nouveau influences, in the north and the romantic university city of Heidelberg in the south, the western slopes of the Odenwald are home to traces of over 2000 years of cultural and urban history. Castles and palaces, medieval noble courts, historic half-timbered houses and proud town halls, legendary villages lined up like pearls in a necklace, all bear witness to a colourful past. Heppenheim with its beautiful medieval market square and Ladenburg, the former Roman fort, have just as many stories to tell as the Königshalle at the former Imperial Abbey at Lorsch, which has now been named a World Heritage Site. Leisure facilities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, lakes for bathing, riding stables, tennis courts, golf, minigolf and many other options mean that there is (almost) nothing to stop you fulfilling your sporting dreams. The well-marked hiking and cycling trails in the Geopark Bergstraße-Odenwald, which lead to many interesting sights, allow you to get back to nature and discover the region on foot or two wheels. The many attractive destinations nearby, such as Darmstadt, Worms, Heidelberg, Frankfurt and especially the Odenwald, make the Bergstraße a great option both for short trips and longer stays.

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