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WALDHESSEN | Long distance bike path

Rhön cycle route/Ulster Valley cycle route

The 180-kilometre Rhön cycle route guarantees a varied route for cyclists. It takes you through the heart of the Rhön biosphere reserve with plenty of pristine nature, rare Rhön sheep and an impressive night sky in the Dark Sky Park. read more

RHÖN | Biking

R1/Fulda cycle route

An idyllic river tour along the Fulda from its source in the Rhön to where it meets the Werra, and along the Weser to Bad Karlshafen. Along the way you can see shaggy Rhön sheep, the cathedral city of Fulda, meadows and lots of forests. read more

Lahn Valley | Long distance bike path

R2/River tour

Cycle through Hessen: a contemplative journey through the river valleys of the Lahn, Ohm, Anteff, Schwalm, Lauter, Lüder, Fulda and Sinn. Don't forget Alsfeld with its timber-framed backdrop and Fulda cathedral. It's also well worth taking a detour to Marburg with its remarkable old town and landgrave castle. read more

TAUNUS | Long distance bike path

R3/ The Spätlese route and the Milseburg route

The R3 follows in the footsteps of the episcopal grape courier from Fulda - from the vineyards in the Rheingau to the Rhön. He was late in 1775, leading to the discovery of the Spätlese late vintage wine. The journey offers you riverside views of Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden and Offenbach am Main. read more