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A city stroll

What is an absolute must during a city break? You simply have to take a strollthrough the city centre or a cool shopping street. We’ll tell you where to find romantic shopping streets and modern boulevards for a leisurely stroll through our cities.

DARMSTADT | Shopping and Lifestyle

Shopping trip in Darmstadt

Visitors can enjoy a stroll through the portico and remember the “good, old days” in the nostalgic Schulstraße. You can look around the many independent shops for hours. You’re guaranteed to find personality and quality over mass production. The café in der Schulstraße has the perfect ambience for a relaxing break. The Schulstraße is Darmstadt’s most picturesque street. […] MORE


Frankfurt city stroll

A small yet fabulous fashion district has emerged in the southern part of Sachsenhausen in recent years. Lots of small designer shops with new labels have established themselves in and around Brückenstraße, between Alter Brücke and Diesterwegplatz. These shops are no longer an insider tip; they’re creative, lively and full of the latest, great ideas. Self-tailored fashion, contemporary accessories and jewellery – the Brückenstraße has become a fashion mile in its own right. […] MORE


Frankfurt Zeil

The Zeil is Frankfurt’s most popular shopping street and it generates the highest revenue in Europe. One real shopping attraction on the Zeil is the “MyZeil” shopping centre. It has extraordinary architecture, eight storeys and a wonderful view of the Frankfurt skyline. […] MORE


Fulda city centre

Fulda promises an attractive shopping experience in the pleasant atmosphere of its city centre. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll past the many independent shops in the city centre, from the Leinberger button paradise with over 2,000 different buttons, to the Lembach truffle makers. Friedrichsstraße is the main shopping street in Fulda. […] MORE


Giessen city centre

If you want to discover the vibrant flair of the Central Hessen metropolis that is Giessen, you should take a stroll through its city centre, ideally on a Saturday morning. You can buy pretty much anything on the Saturday market at Brandplatz, which has a history spanning back to the 16th century. Around 70 market traders display their wares on the stalls. From Brandplatz, you should head to Marktlaubenstraße. This street is also full of history and hustle and bustle. […] MORE


The districts and shopping streets of Kassel

With over 600 specialist shops (e.g. Modehaus Trischl for ladies’ fashion, Köhler Herrenmode for men’s clothing and the Lederhaus Schumann for leather goods), 10,000 parking spaces and excellent local transport connections, Kassel City offers the best conditions for a relaxing shop. The Treppenstraße, which was inaugurated in 1953, is without doubt one of the shining lights of Kassel’s reconstruction following the Second World War. It was once a unique street in Germany, as it was exclusively reserved for pedestrians and thus stands as one of Germany’s first pedestrian zones. […] MORE


Kassel Kurbezirk Bad Wilhelmshöhe

A district oozing special charm has developed near the Wilhelmshöhe ICE train station and in the immediate vicinity of the Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park. Here you can shop like a king, eat in style and relax to your heart’s content. Lots of small independent shops around the Galerie Atrium and the centre invite you to linger and shop in the feel-good atmosphere at the foot of the Hercules monument. Take advantage of the Kurbezirk’s special offer: Many of the shops are open from 1pm to 5pm on the first Sunday of each month. […] MORE


Marburg old town / upper town

There are a good hundred metres of elevation between the Elisabeth Church in the valley and the castle on the mountain, which towers over everything else. Despite this, the paths in Marburg are short! Marburg’s old quarter in the so-called upper town or “Oberstadt” has little traffic and offers visitors a unique shopping experience with independent shops, cafés and restaurants with a historical and picturesque backdrop. […] MORE


Offenbach Wilhelmsplatz

Fans of the high-life will be happy with the area around Wilhelmsplatz: Restaurants serving international cuisine invite you onto a culinary voyage of discovery, even on non-market days. Traditionalists will also find what they’re looking for in the surrounding family-run shops: Discover Turkish pastries, unusual whiskies, Italian desserts and other specialities. Caffé Cuore on Frankfurter Straße is also well worth a visit: As the owner of the grocery store grabs his guitar and sings together with friends and guests, you start to feel like you’re sipping your espresso in La Bella Italia and the outside world feels a long way away. […] MORE


Offenbach Nordend district

The Nordend is a district currently undergoing great change. The development of the harbour area has given the Nordend a new lease of life. Despite this, the district has lost none of its original charm. Quite the opposite! It remains a popular place to live and an international meeting place for hipsters and creative types. Culture and gastronomy, trade fairs and handicrafts, fashion and art – the Nordend is truly worth exploring. If you like unique fashion and lifestyle items, you’ll enjoy looking around the fabulous, small shops. […] MORE


Wetzlar Leica Store

The Wetzlar Leica Store in Leitz-Park is situated in the new headquarters of Leica Camera AG. The store, with its impressive architecture, has a shop floor spanning 400 m² and presents the entire Leica range. The Leica Store attracts camera lovers from across the world to Wetzlar. Visitors can also watch a camera being made and assembled in the Leica Museum. […] MORE


Wetzlar old town – Wieler Hausermühle

The old town in Wetzlar features numerous small, high-quality boutiques and traditional restaurants and pubs, inviting visitors to enjoy a cosy shopping trip. Where else can you find almost solely independent shops within the historical buildings of the old town? The “Wieler Hausermühle” can be found on the edge of the old town. It is a grain mill that has now been in family ownership for five generations. Visitors can wander around the small mill and natural food shop and purchase regional produce. […] MORE


Wiesbaden Wilhelmstraße

Wiesbaden’s “magnificent boulevard”, Wilhelmstraße, is also known as “Rue” by the locals. You can enjoy a wonderful stroll along the street and discover the city’s flair with its boutiques, famous fashion labels and other exquisite shops dedicated to home and fashion accessories. Directly opposite, characterful arcades line the pavement and provide a dense canopy of leaves in the summertime. Visitors can also enjoy the nature in the “Warmer Damm” park. […] MORE


Wiesbaden old town

Wiesbaden old town is also known as “Schiffchen”, or “little ship”, and lies in the immediate vicinity of the expansive pedestrianised zone. It’s the perfect place to embark on a “journey for the senses”. The streets are arranged like a ship’s bow and retailers offer their products, including fine wines, refined oils and an impressive variety of spices and floral art. The old town is also home to a great deal of creativity and individuality – numerous goldsmiths work here in open workshops behind their shop windows. Meanwhile, smaller boutiques entice passers-by with their unique fashion, leather goods and homeware. […] MORE