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Where science flourishes.

Gießen is the city...

with Germany's highest 'student density' and has plenty to offer visitors. The idyllic botanical gardens, discovering mathematics through play at Mathematikum, and the Liebig-Museum - the original laboratory of the world-famous chemist Justus Liebig - are just a few of the highlights in this multifaceted city. This green treasure is both a place of teaching and research and an oasis of calm in the heart of a lively city.



Gießen's great attractiveness is reflected in the town's many beautifully designed science museums, good shopping opportunities and varied cultural life. Located in the heart of the idyllic Lahn Valley, Gießen is also a good starting point for excursions into the great outdoors. The pamphlet "Hessischer Landbote" (Hessian Courier) was published in Gießen in 1834 under the cry of "Friede den Hütten! Krieg den Palästen!" (peace to the huts, war to the palaces), and originally compiled by Georg Büchner. He had moved to the University of Gießen as early as 1833, where he joined a radical freedom movement among the students. These free-spirited and innovative thoughts live on in the traditional university town of Gießen even today, and are reflected in the town's unique flair.




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