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The university town with a history stretching back over 800 years wins over visitors with pure charm.

The narrow, winding lanes with their rustic shops and pubs transport guests into another age, leading from the Lahn river to the stunning Landgrafenschloss castle high above the town. Marburg's university flair and attractive location make the city a real highlight. History, tourism and culture have always inspired one another in Marburg.



This was the case as early as the 13th Century, when the German Order built the first Gothic hall church on German soil in honour of St Elizabeth, who died here in 1231. The Elizabeth Church attracted pilgrims from all over the country - an early form of tourism. When Landgrave Phillip the Magnanimous initiated the foundation of the university in 1527, he laid the foundations for a cosmopolitan university town with students and visitors from all over the world. This link between science and business created the first winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Emil von Behring, and has also had a big impact on conference and congress traffic in Marburg. History, culture, science, the unique atmosphere and the town's location in the heart of a stunning natural landscape are what particularly attract tourists to Marburg. And the town's motto "Marburg at a glance" gives you a first insight into what the town is about.




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