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Offenbach am Main

Young and modern.

Offenbach's central location...

location in the heart of the Rhine-Main area makes the city an important location for companies. But it is not only business, but also the city's historic and cultural heritage that are maintained and developed here. For example, Offenbach is a key location for book art and contemporary literature. The town's key landmark, the Isenburg Palace, has a fascinating history and one of the most beautiful Renaissance facades north of the Alps. Rumpenheim Palace is another highlight and was a meeting place for the European aristocracy in the 19th Century.

Offenbach also offers two museums of international significance: the German Leather Museum and the Klingspor Museum for typography and calligraphy. The life of the town's students pulsates around the HfG Offenbach, an art and design institution which has enjoyed the rank of university since 1970. Many new companies in the graphics, design and media sectors have sprung up in the university environment, and the town's art and gallery scene has also benefitted from the creativity of the student body. Offenbach is characterised by its many parks and its location directly on the Main river - making it an attractive place to live with plenty of leisure options. The best time to get to know Offenbach and its people is on market day, when producers and traders from the local region sell their fresh produce on Wilhelmsplatz, in the heart of the town, and shopping and a relaxed stroll through the town go hand in hand. Some Offenbach locals even swear that Wilhelmsplatz' pavement cafés and restaurants give the area a certain Mediterranean flair.




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