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Hotel Ziegelruh

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Hotel Ziegelruh

The Hotel Ziegelruh spa hotel is situated in the Rhine-Main region in the densely forested town of Babenhausen, not far from Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Aschaffenburg. The romantic rooms and suites all come with their own sauna; some even feature a water bed and hot tub. A mini break in Babenhausen means relaxation and well-being. You can recharge your batteries and boost your mood in a very short time with a stay at the Hotel Ziegelruh. Our packages are sure to please with dining and other extras. Choose what suits you best.

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Hotel Ziegelruh
Ziegelruh 1
64832 Babenhausen
Telephone: 06073 - 72670
Fax: 06073 - 726767