Monte Mare Obertshausen

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Your holidays are the best time of the year!

Recuperate, relax, unwind and treat yourself. The Monte Mare in Obertshausen lets you enjoy this holiday feeling 360 days a year. Forget the world around you, stop time and rebalance your body and mind – this is the best kind of relaxation. The sauna paradise offers many different ways to work up a sweat, from the soft steam room to the fiery-hot infusion sauna.

It’s not just spa fans who will get their money’s worth here; Monte Mare is home to the largest leisure pool in Germany, making it a great experience for everyone. The bathing paradise is rounded off with a 25-metre swimming lane, a funnel slide, jacuzzis and pools with massage jets. It’s located centrally between Frankfurt and Aschaffenburg, so there’s nothing standing in the way of a day out with your partner or the whole family.


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Badstraße 19 
63179 Obertshausen
Tel.: +49 (0) 6104 / 8019-0