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The Westerwald

Enjoy the Westerwald just as it is, …fresh and untouched.

The pride of the Westerwald...

is the ten evolved natural spaces that flow into one another. All the stresses of everyday life fade away when met with the stunning colours of a fresh and invigorating holiday region. Here in the Westerwald you can still sense the elements, while the clear air clears the head and leaves no space for boredom.

The water of the crystal-clear streams, rivers and lakes reflects the smile that comes with new experiences. The aromatic soil brings culinary harvests and leads the way through sparse woodland, lush meadows and lively villages. Fire no longer flows from the volcanoes that have been consigned to the Earth's history, but heats the many kilns that envelop the Westerwald's white gold. The entire Westerwald presents a wide variety of culture and landscapes that invites you to take a tour of discovery. On Shanks' pony, by bike, by boat, or even in the saddle or with an engine, the Westerwald offers a wide range of holiday, leisure and excursion options in the beautiful low mountain landscape between the Rhein, Lahn, Dill and Sieg rivers. You will be amazed at the experiences and impressions this region, consisting of nine rural districts, can give you. Culture, nature and sporting experiences: the Westerwald has all this on offer all year round! In the east of the Westerwald, on the border with Rhineland-Palatinate, you will find a stunning natural space characterised by the diversity of its landscape, the 605 m high "Knoten" and many wooded basalt summits. The towns of Dillenburg, Hadamar and Herborn and the villages of Breitscheid, Dornburg, Driedorf, Mengerskirchen, Merenberg and Waldbrunn are perfect starting points for a wide range of activities on foot, by bike and by car.

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