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Food & Drink

"Das beste Esse’ gibt’s beim Hesse!"

From local specialties to international cuisines, wineries to cocktail bars, and rustic taverns to Michelin-starred restaurants,
"the best food's in Hessen"!

Hessen's regional food and drink is as varied as it is delicious.

From simple, hearty dishes to fine dining tasting menus, and meat-heavy plates to vegan bites, you'll find food and drink here to suit every taste and budget. Visit Hessen's vibrant cities for international fare such as Indian curries and Turkish kebabs, Lebenese falafel. Order everything from Brazilian meat platters to French-Japanese pâtisserie. You'll find delicious regional specialties all over the state, from fresh herb green sauce and air-dried pork sausages to bread topped with oozing melted cheese.

The locals are proud of their local specialties and fresh regional produce, and well known for their warm hospitality. There are wineries to visit and farmers markets to explore, not to mention all manner of culinary festivals taking place year round. You only need visit a summer wine festival or share a table in a Frankfurt apple wine tavern to see that Hessians know how to have a good time.

Sample world-class Rieslings at the Rheingau Wine Festival in Wiesbaden, try classic potato specialties during the Odenwald's potato festival, or head to Frankfurt for the city's annual celebrations of its much-loved apple wine. But don't take our word for how good the food is here - come and try Hessen's food and drink for yourself!

Farmers Markets

Shop for regional produce and specialties like a local

Red Riesling

White juice from red grapes in the Bergstraße wine region

Ahle Wurscht

Pork sausages air-dried in the eaves of half-timbered houses

Green belt, green fingers

Fresh green sauce, handmade cheese and apple wine from the Frankfurt Rhine-Main

Apples Galore

Fruit from the bountiful orchards of the Odenwald


Wine along the river Rhine in the magnificent Rheingau wine region