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Upper Taunus Limes trail

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If the 600-plus kilometres of the Limesweg trail are a little too much and you are wondering which section to choose, you should opt for the Upper Taunus Limes trail. You can walk 30 km along the Limes between Glashütte and Ober-Mörlen. The path takes you through the largely forested landscape of the Upper Taunus nature reserve and is marked with a stylised black watchtower. Halfway along the walk, the Feldberg fort near the source of the River Weil meets the Roman fort of Saalburg. This is a place where you can truly immerse yourself in the ancient world of Imperium Romanum. You can treat your taste buds to a journey of discovery. A walk along the Upper Taunus Limes trail doesn't just entice the senses; it also appeals to the imagination.