Bergstraße-Odenwald UNESCO Global Geopark

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“UNESCO Global Geopark” – natural history, man and nature

The Geo-Naturpark (UNESCO Global Geopark) lets you discover a charming, historical landscape. It spans some 3,500 km² between the Rhine, the Bergstraße, the Odenwald and the Main and Neckar rivers. It has been shaped by over 500 million years of active geological history, a multi-faceted natural space, a culture dating back thousands of years, and the hospitality of the people, which attracts lots of visitors.

Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the past, enjoy some peace and quiet, experience the countryside or treat yourself to some culinary delights, the Geo-Naturpark offers some special insights into the region. You can explore the landscape and go on family-friendly and environment-themed walks with professional Geopark rangers. Further highlights: 20 information points, 6,000 km of hiking trails, 30 experience trails, 40 mountain-biking trails, over 500 geotopes and geopoints.

Besides the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Lorsch and the Messel Grube, the sea of rocks in the Lauter Valley, the “cow head” and the stalactite caves in Buchen-Eberstadt, over 100 member municipalities invite you to discover the region over and over again. The local tourism, farming and gastronomy sectors are shaped by the regional identity, as reflected in the food and wine.

As one of 127 regions in 35 countries across the world, the Geo-Naturpark bears the title “UNESCO Global Geopark”. This is the highest award for a unique landscape and its versatile development of tourism so that people can experience the local nature and the landscape itself.


Geo-Naturpark Bergstraße-Odenwald

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