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The Taunus

As the Romans withdrew from the Taunus, the area also lost its original Celtic name.

It was centuries before...

"Taunus" was rediscovered. In the meantime, people simply called the low mountain range "die Höhe" - the heights. Back then, the name referred to the three summits visible from a long way away and the ridge rising out of the Main, Rhine, Lahn and Wetterau rivers - sometimes very steep, sometime a landscape of gently rolling hills. The term lives on in the names of some of the settlements.

Today, the entire region bears both of its historic names at once: Taunus. Die Höhe. Because it is so full of high points and offers so much at the highest level. Nature, culture, relaxation, adventure, sport and indulgence. Welcome to the Taunus. Naturalist Alexander von Humboldt considered the Taunus the world's most beautiful low mountain range. And he had seen a lot of the world. Even today, the region has lost none of its original beauty. Thick woodland full of natural monuments. Mysterious traces of lost cultures. Prominent summits and extensive valleys. And add to that the large number of leisure options for visitors with every imaginable interest. Art and culture, relaxation and adventure, games and sports, health and indulgence - you will find all this is huge variety in the Taunus. Taunus Touristik Service e. V. will be happy to provide you with information on everything on offer in the Taunus. Just visit their website at or the tourist information office in the Taunus Information Centre at Hohemark in Oberursel (Taunus).

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