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With their plethora of palaces and parks, Hessen’s cities and surrounding regions have plenty of significant sites in terms of both culture and art history. Pure nature – in the heart of the city: Hessen’s cities also boast adventure parks for the whole family, such as climbing forests and botanical gardens in which you can relax and enjoy the experience. Here we present some of our best municipal palaces, green spaces and adventure parks.

DARMSTADT | Culture and Events

Darmstadt parks and gardens

The Herrngarten is the oldest and largest park in Darmstadt. It was designed in the style of an English landscaped garden. Darmstadt locals refer to the Herrngarten as their “gute Stubb”, or front room. It’s a green lung in the heart of the city. The expansive green parkland is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic, read a book, relax and meet friends. A small pond with the largest fountain in the city adds the key element of water to the atmosphere, and the café area features a small music pavilion that hosts a number of concerts, especially in the summer months. […] MORE


Darmstadt Residenzschloss

This palace belonged to the landgraves of Hessen-Darmstadt and the grand dukes of Hessen and the Rhine area. It was created from a moated castle. It consists of renaissance-style wings and the baroque Neuschloss, which was designed by the French architect, Louis Remy de la Fosse. The palace museum can be found in the bell tower and features an important collection of exhibits concerning the history of the former landgraviate and the later Grand Duchy of Hessen-Darmstadt. […] MORE

Frankfurt am Main | CULTURE AND EVENTS

Palmengarten Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the most forested cities in Germany. The so-called “Frankfurt Green Belt” spans some 65 kilometres around the city with 48 municipal parks and gardens, including the Palmengarten. Visitors can experience flora from a range of climates across the 20 hectares of parkland and greenhouses. The Palmenhaus is home to many exotic species with tropical plants and a waterfall. Some of the mighty palm trees are over 100 years old. […] MORE


Fulda Orangerie

Formerly used for the summer festivals held by the prince abbots, the Orangerie, with its baroque halls, now serves as a prestigious venue for numerous events. When the weather is fine, visitors can enjoy the sun on the Orangerie terrace and fabulous views of the Schlossgarten park and the Stadtschloss palace. […] MORE


Fulda Stadtschloss and Schlossgarten

The Stadtschloss – the residence of the Fulda prince abbots and prince bishops – is the prestigious focus of the secular buildings in the city. The baroque palace was extended between 1708 and 1714 to become a four-winged complex with two side wings, incorporating a commemorative courtyard. The “Historical Rooms of the Stadtschloss” provide an insight into the life of absolutism. The palace tower offers wonderful views of Fulda and, when the weather is good, you can even see as far as the Vogelsberg and the Rhön. […] MORE


Giessen Kloster Schiffenberg / Alter Friedhof

When the people of Giessen talk about their “local mountain”, they’re referring to the Schiffenberg, which lies some five kilometres to the south of the city centre. The 280-metre hill is home to a monastery that was deconsecrated in 1809 and has now been a popular and relaxing destination for day-trips for many years. The Alte Friedhof is another cultural highlight. It was created by Philipp the Magnanimous in 1530 as part of the urban expansion to Nahrungsberg. It is now an important park memorial in terms of culture and art history, reflecting many facets of local history. […] MORE


Giessen Stadtpark Wieseckaue

The largest green space in Giessen, the Stadtpark Wieseckaue, was created to give everyone a space to exercise and relax in the heart of the city. Everyone comes together to get active there. The Stadtpark Wieseckaue has something for everyone, from relaxed strolls through the park to playing on the play slabs, skating in the skate park, swinging on the swings, playing boules or enjoying a drink in the chilled beach bar. […] MORE


Giessen Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens at Justus Liebig University have a special place in the hearts of the people of Giessen. Situated in the centre of town, the four-hectare gardens feature interesting plants and lots of ancient trees, providing a green oasis of calm for walkers and those wishing to relax during their lunch break or. You can relax on one of the many benches in both the sun and shade while you admire the colourful flowers of the rare exotic plants. […] MORE


Kassel Karlsaue and Orangerie

The Aueinsel lies to the east of the former residence city of Kassel and is surrounded by the River Fulda, the Auehang, Voraue (now the Hessenkampfbahn stadium) and the Siebenbergen island. The island posed a challenge to the creative urge of the landgraves back in the 16th century. The Karlsaue has something for everyone: picturesque paths, space for sports and games, an Orangerie with a Marmorbad (marble bathroom) and the Astronomy Museum for culture vultures, as well as special vegetation and bird life for nature lovers. […] MORE


Kassel Mountain Park and Wilhelmshöhe Palace

Fans of historical parks and gardens simply have to visit Kassel. The local landscape gardening tradition spans back to the beginning of the 18th century. Absolute highlights can be found in the Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park, Wilhelmshöhe and Palace and the medieval Löwenburg castle. The elaborate baroque landscape boasts imposing water features and combines with the sentimental English landscape garden to provide one of the most attractive spa gardens in Germany. […] MORE


Offenbach Büsing-Palais

It isn’t just newlyweds who appreciate the impressive architecture of Büsing-Palais and the surrounding parkland. The three-winged municipal palace was built in 1775/76 by snuff tobacco manufacturers Bernard and dOrville and is a popular venue for meetings and events. The Klingspor Museum for International Book Art is housed in the side wings. […] MORE


Offenbach Wetterpark

Everyone knows the weather comes from Offenbach. The Wetterpark on the Buchhügel hill describes how weather actually forms. A science park has been developed in co-operation with meteorologists from the German Weather Service. It spans some 20,000 sq metres and reveals the secrets behind the sun, wind and clouds. Its programme includes fascinating themed tours andseries of events like the “Blue Hour” with talks and film screenings, and the Regionalparkrundroutenfest festival for the whole family. […] MORE


Rüsselsheim Ostpark

The 40-hectare large Ostpark in Rüsselsheim is a great family destination. The area is a green oasis within the town and provides plenty of space for extended walks and bike rides. The northern part of the Ostpark is also home to a deer reserve and an aviary, which are extremely popular amongst children and parents. The large forest park playground is another popular attraction amongst the park’s younger visitors. Children can run around and play to their heart’s content. There are also several disc golf stations for older visitors. […] MORE


Rüsselsheim Verna-Park

Rüsselsheim’s municipal park is situated between Maindamm and the town centre and comes in the form of an English landscape garden. It has been named “Verna Park” after its previous owners. Despite the many changes over its 140-year history, the park has maintained its late-Romantic character. Special features include several exotic botanical plants and its compact design and location in the centre of town. The stately gardens have been open to the public since they were placed in public ownership. […] MORE