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The state capital of Hessen.

It is the home of many state and federal authorities...

and a respected congress city. Located almost exactly in the geographical centre of Europe, Wiesbaden has developed from a former world cultural capital into a modern congress city. Eight motorways meet here, while the rail network and nearby Frankfurt Airport also contribute to the excellent transport links.

Large numbers of imposing buildings, one of Europe's most beautiful casinos in the Kurhaus, the magnificent Hessian State Theatre and the beautifully designed parks and boulevards all bear witness to a modern city with classical flair: Wiesbaden - the Nice of the north. Stroll along one of the wide shopping streets, indulge yourself in one of the many restaurants and cafés or take a look at the diverse calendar of events, offering cultural highlights all year round. Located on the banks of the Rhine, directly adjacent to the beautiful Rheingau with its castles, palaces, vineyards and famous Riesling grapes, Hessen's state capital also offers a wide range of options for excursions. When Wiesbaden was the world's spa town in the 19th Century, many important people came to enjoy the city's special Mediterranean flair.




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