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in the Rothaargebirge hills to the place the Lahn meets the Rhine, the river offers over 240 kilometres of natural and cultural landscapes that could hardly be more attractive. Soon after the Lahn's source, you will come across Bad Laasphe, with its spa facilities and the ancestral palace of Wittgenstein. Further downstream comes Biedenkopf, Hessen's most forested town. To the right of the Lahn, the park landscape of the Lahn-Dill-Bergland opens up, offering many leisure options.

Health treatments and relaxation - the Kneipp spa at Bad Endbach has plenty to offer health-conscious visitors. You will find medieval small towns against a picture-postcard natural backdrop in the Burgwald, whose beauty is even mentioned in Grimms' fairy tales. Further south, you will come across the university town of Marburg, home to one of Germany's most traditional universities. The idyllic Lumda Valley entices you with softly rolling hills and typical meadow-filled valleys. Soon after, the magnificent forests of the Gleiberger Land with their Celtic settlement and the Celtic ring forts around the Dünsberg will have you under their spell. The university town of Gießen, where Justus Liebig conducted his research for almost three decades, is home to the hands-on museum "Mathematikum" - the only one of its kind in the world. Further down the river, you will follow in the footsteps of Goethe, whose experiences in the old imperial town of Wetzlar inspired him to write his novel "The Sorrows of Young Werther". Immediately after that, you will be welcomed by the Solmser Land. One of the highlights there is the visitor mine "Grube Fortuna", which provides insights into Hessen's mining tradition. Medieval impressions are to be found in Braunfels, with its historic old town and palace. In the Baroque residence town of Weilburg, it is the imposing palace and Germany's only shipping tunnel that attract visitors. Next up is the Romantic Middle Lahn, where the marble bridge near Villmar acts as a reminder of the once world-famous Unica marble quarry. Limburg's famous seven-towered cathedral is surrounded by an adorable old town. Next, you arrive in the garrison town of Diez, with its splendid Baroque palace Oranienstein. The next destination is Nassau - the birthplace of Baron vom Stein - with its handsome castle. Just a short journey further takes you to Bad Ems, one of Germany's most important spa towns with an extensive range of health and wellness services. The Ruppertsklamm, a two-kilometre-long rocky ravine in a small side valley of the Lahn river, provides a wild romantic experience. In Lahnstein, where the Lahn enters the Rhine, you will still find many traces of Roman times.


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